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Top 30 Signs You Might Be Dealing With a Backyard Breeder

  1. Breeds multiple breeds of dog

  2. No champions close up in the pedigree

  3. "He's such a great dog!"

  4. Pure "bread" dogs

  5. Doesn't know what "heats" are

  6. Has multiple litters at a time

  7. Breeds for profit

  8. Asks how long gestation is

  9. "My friends all want a puppy!"

  10. You don't know me! My *relative / acquaintance / imaginary friend* is a vet!"

  11. Can't spell their breed name

  12. Want to show their children the miracle of life

  13. Selling dogs on Craigslist or in the paper

  14. Trying to "trade" breeding stock

  15. Doesn't know who the father is

  16. Any kind of "teacup" that isn't dinnerware

  17. Finds a stud by posting on Craigslist

  18. Doesn't have an emergency vet

  19. No health testing

  20. Just breeding "once"

  21. Owns an intact female; babies are "not their fault"

  22. Knows nothing about genetics, ends up with lethals

  23. Inbreeding (of animals)

  24. Multiple "accidents"

  25. "Shelter dogs aren't my problem, they're damaged goods"

  26. "My dog wants to have puppies!"

  27. "I adopted my last dog from the shelter!"

  28. Breeding too young or too old

  29. "They need to have litter for their health"

  30. Any type of "doodle" or "poo"

- Discuss this topic in our forums!  Puppy mills are a disgrace and need to be shut down.



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